Shared: A Menage Romance By Lauren Landish, Bella Love-Wins & Willow Winters Cover Reveal



Title: Shared 
Authors: Lauren Landish 
Bella Love-Wins & Willow Winters 
Genre: Menage Romance 
We’re dead for touching her. 
But I don’t want to stop. 

Damon and I know first hand how cruel and unforgiving the world can be.We grew up relying on each other just to survive. Since then, we do everything together, from fighting to sharing women. 

Until Bianca. Our honey bee. 

We’ve been tasked with keeping her safe. Our job is simple: don’t let anyone touch her.  

It should be easy, but she’s untouchable and we’ve both craved her for years.  

Her lust-filled gazes and soft, kissable lips beg us to take her. She knows this is wrong. All three of us do.  But the forbidden is too tempting to refuse.  

She brings out a different side of me I’ve never felt before. Jealousy.

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