A glimpse of Salvatore Agostino

Kathleen Kelly Author

Love caught in the crossfire between two worlds. MC and Organized Crime. A story about loss, abandonment, strength, courage, protection and ultimately, love. The Savage Angels MC series is a unique brand of MC erotic romance you will fall in love with.

Savage Fire Book (Savage Angels MC #2)

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Who wants to see a little excerpt??

Here you’ll be reacquainted with Dane, the President of the Savage Angels, Jonas and Fith while they discuss Salvatore Agostino, Captain in the Abruzzi Family.  Secrets threaten to tear apart the MC after Sal shows up at the club asking questions.

“Wanna tell me the fucking truth about Agostino? Tell me why you didn’t tell Jonas about him?” My voice is steady and full of authority. I am the President of the Savage Angels and I…

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